Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding inspiration

As mentioned in a previous post, our 1st Anny is coming up. Sunday, to be exact. I had mentioned that I'd be posting things wedding-related, and have poorly done so.
I'm posting via email via my phone... So bear with me.

1. This was my dress dream for a few years.
J.Crews Lucinda ball gown.
I still love it, but was hesitant to order a gown without trying it on. I thought it would be more fun to actually go to a big wedding dress store and try on with mom and friends. And, I'm so glad I did! Tried on millions, it seemed.

2. But, found the one that drew a "wow" from Jenna, Elizabeth and mom. I could've chosen any, as they were all beautiful, but went with comfort and pockets! Can't go wrong with pockets. They came in handy later(stuffed with tissue) as I was ugly-crying, walking down the aisle. My dads fault... He started it.
I loved it and still do. We added a flower pin to the belt for the reception. Easy peasy.

3. This was the pic that inspired the b-maid dresses and flowers. Gorgeous, huh?
I wanted cream/peach/neutral colors and loved this bouquet! I'm not huge on flower bouquets, except wildflowers. So, this was a great, unique option.

4. Fancy the shades?
The flowers were perfect! With some burlap and pearls tying them together.

And the dresses! Jenna found them at Anthropologie, duh. They were the perfect color and looked great. At least, to me.

That'll do for now, as I can't get any more pics on my phone. I'll get more later once I go "in town" from Camp.

Right now, my appearance couldn't be any more contrasting to those above. It's a non-air conditioned camp, after all. ( I sort of prefer my grungy look today to a gown anyway...shhh).

Happy camping,

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Lolitha said...

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