Friday, March 9, 2012

Around the house: crawfish in the barn

Ty, GT's bro, came in for a little visit last Saturday.
What a guy, eh?
We usually play it pretty low key at our house and spend lots of time outside.
So, we picked up some crawfish and enjoyed some time around the fire pit in the barn. 
It was a bit chilly, but we had a grand ole time anywho.
mom was welcoming Ty with a hug
while GT and dad tend to the starting of the fire

"oooohhhh, flames" says every man (me, too)

a couple sacks-o-crawfish does a body good

this is my favorite restaurant
mostly because I can wear my Carhartt coat, Crocks and wet hair and nobody judges me.
and my dogs are welcomed dinner guests

after dinner mingling

"solitude" is the name of this piece

Woodrow wanted to be left alone
i wonder what he was thinking about?

i'm pumped that crawfish season is upon us.
i have partook in it numerous times already and plan to enjoy the tasty little critters a lot more.
We also loved having Ty with us!

happy weekend fraands,

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