Thursday, March 29, 2012

the perfect sleep

Have you ever woken up and immediately longed about your next sleep?
It happens daily for me.

I sleep well in our bed. Honestly, i sleep well anywhere.
But, i think my perfect sleep is during the day, outside with just enough sunlight hitting my body.
Just enough warmth to only need a little cover. 
This bed is perfect.
The sunlight is creeping in.
It's suspended like a hammock.
But taking naps outside in Louisiana is risky. The bugs. 
So, this beautiful drape is ideal.
I could sleep here for a long time.

This article in Anthology had me dreaming..zzzzzzzzzzzz
All of the beds are surreal and obviously not in Louisiana.

day-dreaming of night-dreaming,


Rachel & Larry said...

We've been enjoying sleeping with the doors open on bugs! We couldn't dream of that in Texas!

Laura said...

I believe in the value of good sleep too katey! Well said