Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Instagram overload

To make up for my extreme lack of blogging, I thought i'd utilize one of my fave iPhone apps.
good ole Instagram.
Thanks to this lovely, i have documented what we've been up to for the past week.
premier party for Duck Dynasty with cousins

this little guy, who's up to something, was here for the week!!!

starting on mom and dads house

Chick-fil-a, duh

some tractor driving

climbing on dirt mounds

some bball
Josh came in town!!!

the weather has been dreeeeeeeamy

Johnny's, a must

Beau wasn't sure about uncle Josh leaving:(

mamaw Jos killer salad, i crave it as we speak

Moms 60th birthday extravaganza! It was lovely and bright

the sibs minus GT with mom and dad at her party

playing with a ole' faithful at mamaw Lous

cool cat

meanwhile, my man was teaching welding in Haiti
he's home now and i am thrilled 
what a guy, eh?

Thankful for a week of family, great weather and no work (i created a spring break for myself).

happy tuesday,

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