Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thank you for showing me how to be beautiful by how you treat others and shine for Jesus.

Thank you for showing me how to love my husband by loving my dad with your whole heart every single day. I know it was two have STRONG personalities, i know. But, you love each other something fierce and completely selflessly. Thank you for showing me how.

Thank you for showing me how to have fun.
Seriously, some people don't know how to do that.
and love the beach. you taught me that.
and to wear sunscreen

Thank you for showing me how to be girly when all I wanted to do was be like my brothers.
and, thanks for always knowing what i need before i knew it myself

Mostly, I want to say thank you for being more concerned with being my mom than my friend.
Some people don't understand that. 
You wanted what was best for me, even if i really, really, reeeeeeeeeeally hated it.
You were my mom first and foremost, never trying to be the "cool mom". 
thank you for doing that.
now, we are great friends because of that.

thank you for instilling in me the love of horses.

Thank you for showing me how to have a passion for God and living a godly life, no matter what
you are out loud and on purpose for what you believe and make zero excuses.
that's tough, but you do it with such elegance and poise

but, really you are the best at being "Honey" to Beau.
you spoil him somethin' awful and love him beyond measure.
i'm so blessed to have you to raise spoil my kids someday

i should probably thank Mamaw Jo for teaching you how to do all of these things
i'm thankful for the shoes I have to fill
they are big and overwhelming, but they are great shoes

i've decided that i have to start really taking care of myself.
if mamaw jo looks this awesome at 80 and you look amazing at 60, i have no excuse if i look anything less. 

Happy 60th mom.
You are absolutely stunning.


The Heart Mom said...

Wow! That's quite a life of photos you accumulated my sneaky princess! I love my birthday blog. Thank you for causing my eyes to get very moist... okay, really, really wet. You are an amazing daughter my sweet Katie Jane. I am filled to the brim with joy just thinking of those precious memories of you and being so grateful to God He gave a surprise package to Dad and me 26 years ago. THANK you for this my sweet girl/squirrel. LOVE you, Mom

Lauren said...

So now I know where Beau gets his looks...YOU! The swimming picture of you looks exactly like him! Oh and happy birthday Mrs. Joneal. :)

Kelly McCarty said...

PRECIOUS tribute to your mom! LOVE it.

Rachel said...

Your mom is GORGEOUS - now and then. And that style with that swimsuit and sunglasses! Swoon.

Sarah Jenkins said...

Katelyn, what a sweet tribute to your mom. She "mothered" many of us through the years! Thanks for sharing the pics & words with us.