Friday, March 30, 2012

Around the house: the parentals new pad

Ok, not a reeeeal pad. just yet.
but, a dirt pad. 
Which means...we're gonna have new neighbors!

Mom and Dad have begun the work on their new house. 
Right behind our house. How perfect?!

A few weeks ago the bulldozer man came out with some HUGE machinery dozing equipment.
Within a few days, the whole landscape had changed into this beautiful home site.
If you're like me, you have a hard time picturing a house here.
All I know is that i'm gonna spend a ridiculous amount of time on their back porch just staring at those trees.
just sittin' and starin'.
ain't it jus bout the purtee-ist thang ya ever did see?

Dad and GT had to "walk it over" and get a feel for the place. 
See where things are going to go and what not.
Of course, the daring duo of Woodrow and Trig weren't far behind.
They had to make sure that the red clay was the good kind. 
You know, the kind that doesn't come out of jeans and carpet.

I can't wait for the workers to get in there and start building away.

We'll have y'all over for dinner once mom gets her kitchen built.
Just kidding.
but seriously.

Happy Friday lovely friends,

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