Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The day that changed our lives forever

I almost forgot.

Yesterday, April 18th, marks the date that I met my boyfran.
ain't he cute. that double plaid thing is hard to resist.
such a refreshing style.

one of our first photos together. pretty accurate prediction of our relationship.

our witnesses to our new love

the match making group.
 actually just the cute girl on the end and her hubsters(he's the one with a pink lei). The Cones

can't you just see it in our eyes? (please ignore my awkward britches)

this is when GT asked me to marry him
j/k. but i did really like him by this point. it was probably the killer dance moves he was pulling off.

a perfect first date, i'd say.

I'm thankful for that Saturday in Frisco, Tx at Pizza Hut Park.
I'm thankful for Jimmy Buffett and his music and the ridiculous crowd it gathers.
I'm thankful for the Cones, Lauren and Patrick. They knew a match when they saw it and made it happen.
I'm thankful for the past 2 years with my man. We've been together since the minute we met.
He's a keeper and my favorite person in the whole world.
I'm thankful that he liked me back.

Here's some JB to send you on your way.
If you want to hear more about how much I love my boo, you can ask. I'll spare everyone else.

Fins up!


Lauren said...

Y'alls match up is one of my proudest accomplishments...for realz!

annie said...

Great post, Great memories, huh?! I kinda think the young Taylors & Cones are among the cutest couples, ever!

"Happy 1st meeting/date", you two!