Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our little Heeler

The next day was full of conversations like this...
Me "so, have you decided which one you want yet"
the FIL "whichever one you don't want"
Me "but really, they're both great"
All "i like them both for different reasons"
me whispering to GT all day long "let's just take them both home" 
you'd say the same thing

while the boys were inside watching football, i was most likely out with these dudes

 Max, the in-laws doggie, got to play with the pups

isn't he the coolest looking dog? i just love his markings

he let them crawl all over him
I'll have to write about Max sometime.
Mark and Del rescued him earlier this year. 
He has quite a story, if it could be told. 
He responds well to women, but wants nothing to do with men.
If they're around, he's in the woods. no joke.
 He stays in the woods behind their house, but will come out when Del calls him.
If Mark walks out...he gone.
But i just love him. He has a sweet disposition.
You can tell that he wants so badly to play and love you, but something inside of him just won't let him. 
He'll come around. 
He's in good hands.
Time is all it takes. And maybe a new pup around the house will help!

i couldn't resist this little photo shoot
they could

This is the short story of how we chose our pup.
We left earlier in the morning from Huntsville, around 5am.
GT loaded up the Tahoe while i slept until the last minute (me and waking up early don't get along to well).
Then he sweetly whispered in my ear, "get in the car".
So I slept walked my way, socks and bun, to the car.
Climbed in and got settled with my pillow and blanket for the drive to WM.
GT got in the drivers seat and leaned over to hand me something.
I opened my eyes and remembered..."we're taking a puppy home with us!"
It took me a second to realize which one he chose. 
the sweet little one

showing his soft side

I did and still do feel pretty awful about separating these brothers
but, it happens
it happened to Woodrow and he's fine
after all, they both got a new bro

even though Woodrow is not so sure about this annoying little guy who is getting attention
 Woodrow is laying down the law for him

i left them outside together for a while and opened to the door to find this
what a crime fighting duo, huh?

and this.
their bodies don't even make sense

i think they'll be buddies 
taking care of our neck of the woods
by peeing on every inch of it
Now...the big decision.
What to name him?


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Lauren said...

You must name him after a a jimmy buffet song: shaker,
Finny, pirate, or just buffet!