Monday, July 9, 2012

Galveston vacay

As we get older and life gets busier, it takes effort to spend time with friends.
Really, it's true.
Especially, when everyone lives in different cities.

GTs best guys live in Texas (he's a tad jealous, i suppose) and we get to see them fairly often.
It's important to us that we see them a lot. We kind of love 'em.
So, we started our annual summer vacay with them.
GT, Tommy and Larry spent many summer vacations together with their families and we want to continue the tradition with our little families. 

So, this year we headed to Galveston.
We met up with the crew at Tommy and Brice's house in Sugar Land to stay the night, then we all headed for the beach. 
It was quite a drive for us, but worth every minute. 
Friday morning daddy-day-care while Brice worked, Rachel went to Target and well...i was there.
but, really loved watching these guys with their babes. 

Mosquito Cafe in Galveston
super cute little lunch with killer sandwiches and squishy babies

evening walk on the beach 
my, my, my how our lives have changed on vacation

the pool was a major hit
the babies loved it and we did too!
it was perfect, especially since the beach was covered in seaweed

dinner out at Willie G's

but, really we loved hanging out at the house

Can't wait til next years vacay!!!
Perhaps we can go to Italy or the Carribean or maybe just Dallas.
Either way...we love our company.

Happy Monday friends.
Hope you're rested up!

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