Friday, July 27, 2012

Around the (expanding) house

We have officially started adding on to the house

GT, luckily, has a background in construction so he knows a lot about what has to happen
You know, where pipes go, what machines to use, what dimensions to use, how much things cost, how to use the get the point.
it's rather helpful

He has started the process of getting the add-on built and we'll call in some professionals to finish the job.
Mostly, we don't have time for GT to do it all himself. He works all day and we're gone most weekends
and also, another thing....
...We're having a baby in roughly 3 months...yikes!
We need somewhere to put this kid
Last weekend, GT rented a stripper. ha! 
I laugh every time i say that.
the only stripper i'll ever approve of

and stripped up the nasty old linoleum floor in our kitchen and laundry room

next step is to stain the concrete that will extend into the add-on so the floors flow

he then ripped out the carpet in our bathroom
(why would you put carpet in your bathroom anyway???? thank you 1983)

he also had some dirt brought in to level out the ground for the addition
Trigger thinks he is a mountain goat and this is his domain

Trig promptly moved when he saw the Deere coming

then Trig took over, again
I'll tell you one thing...leveling out all of that dirt is tedious work.
not for me!
thankfully GT has more patience than I do 
also, i almost ran the tractor into the barn so I was fired from driving it...for now

we also have lovely deer in our back pasture

I'm thankful for my man knowing how to do stuff and work hard

Soon, we'll have a baby room and a guest room
so, come on over!!!

Happy weekend friends,

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Morgan Smith said...

how fun!! love that awesome land yall have all around you. i hope we get to build on one day in the next few years.... our house is just about to maximum capacity! can't wait to see more transformation.