Friday, July 13, 2012

a lovely home

For such a home-body, I sure spend a lot of time away from our home.
I relish the days spent at home
This past Saturday was one of those...
an all-day, slow-cooked venison roast

the guys working in the barn

dad was taking a break
these guys worked all day long
on what? not so sure

the pups LOVED having company during the day 
and the cold concrete, of course

found mom picking vines from our Wisteria bush

also, our first bloom on our little family tree

I spent the majority of the day writing papers
but, that's ok
I was at home and so was my man.
Ty, GT's brother, came to stay with us and we had a lovely dinner around the table.

Overall, it was a wonderful Saturday.
looking forward to the next...
...hoping on tomorrow!

Happy Friday peeps,

p.s. The twins were born yesterday and are soooooo precious!!!!
I'll share more later (i promise)

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