Tuesday, July 3, 2012

wedding week: the ceremony

I think i cried through the first 10 minutes of the ceremony
but, it was lovely
The ceremony was sincere, intimate and sweet.
It included many of the things that were special to us and our families.
Our good friend and preacher (he's really like family) married us and it was beautiful.
He challenged us to be the Godly wife and husband God called us to be.
He reminded us what marriage really means.
He encouraged us to love and respect one another.
He also talked about each of us and the growth of our relationship.
I'm sure there was more, but i think i was distracted (sorry, Al). 
love this shot of Will watching his big bro, John Luke

and a proud Father of the groom

before we both lost it
when we finally made it down the aisle, i was crying so badly (what!)
the emotion of the day just grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me into a crying blubber
whooo...i was having a moment
when i went to hug my dad before joining hands with GT, he just held me and told me to take a deep breath. he didn't let go until i did
he took a few extra seconds that helped me get a hold of myself
then i was ok

my dad loves my man and my man loves my dad
i'm so thankful for that
i'm pretty sure my dad paid GT to marry me
he thinks alot of that guy and he trust him to take care of me

we had a good time
and i'd definitely do it again

Here's to our third year of marriage, honey!
Love you forever and ever, amen

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Lauren said...

My favorite part of your film EVER is the moment you just described. Your dad embracing you and you can visibly see your inhale and exhale...gets me every.single.time.