Monday, July 2, 2012

wedding week: before the wedding

Our day was perfect because we were surrounded by the people who love us most.
The people who have shaped us into who we are today.
The people who want to see us happy and loved.
Without them, it wouldn't have been the same...or really even possible.

I spent the morning with my fave girls and my mom. it was perfect

GT and I chose to see each other before the wedding for some pictures.
I couldn't believe how nervous I was to see him 
and at the same time, how normal it was.
we were just all gussied up

we got ready and took pictures at my mom and dads house before heading to the church
I had always wanted an outside wedding
but, we got married in July
if you've never been to Louisiana in outdoor wedding would be a death wish
and no one would show up to witness it
so, i settled for some early morning outdoor photos

this is still how we felt about the heat at 9 am
i'm grateful to our friends for doing this for us
they're the best

little Beau was so tiny 

my handsome man 

and his motley crew

the best flower girl ever

 Before the wedding, i was completely calm
abnormally calm.
as if i got married every day
I'm not sure what you're supposed to feel before you get married but i felt, well, normal
(aside from overwhelmingly excited)
before we walked down the aisle, my dad asked me how i felt.
i told him how weirdly normal everything felt, i was completely at ease.
he told me because it was right.
also, Sadie rapped for me

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