Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zoo day

Have i mentioned that Jake, Jamie and Beau now live in Texas?!?
Just 2.5 hours away and it is soooo wonderful.
Last week, I spent a few days with them and the drive home was easy-peasy!

Jamie, Beau and I spent about an hour at the Tyler Zoo 
even the animals had to lay down...it was hot

crazy squirrel that could care less that we were so close
Beau was trying to "shoo" him away

love that face

his smiles are hilarious
and Jamie looks awesome at 23ish weeks preggers

he just sat down right here
"Kate, pitch-er"
I think he's learning very quickly how to pose and that I always have a camera ready

I can't imagine loving any little boy more
He makes me smile and I adore his every quirk and all of his personality

The fact that he is only a short drive away makes it that much sweeter!

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