Tuesday, August 7, 2012

travel dreams

GT and I are on the go...a lot.
We have probably spent more weekends away from home this year (or the last three years) than at home.
Knowing that I'm about finished with any travel for a few months, I have a urge to just GO.

I'm pretty sure that I've always had the travel bug.
I love to explore new places and people-watch in different cultures.
The way people live in different places fascinates me.

Where would you go?
Some days, I just want to drive to south Louisiana.
Other days, I daydream of hiking the Swiss Alps or watching a flamenco dancer in Spain or eating gelato in Florence (my love for Europe remains).
I'm thrilled to travel with our kids someday...to instill in them the love for other cultures and to explore all of Gods beauty. To learn to be flexible and go with the flow while being very efficient when crossing countries and continents. To know there is more to this world than "me" and the way we live.

Today, I think I'll just rest...and enjoy my home.
It's pretty great, after all.


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