Friday, August 24, 2012

Around the house: bookcase update

In the process of adding on to the house, I'm slowly baby proofing the house.

The its previous life...displayed my beautiful, handmade Vietri dishes. 
it was just asking for disaster

It will now be a true bookcase and the dishes will eventually make their way into the (yet-to-be-built) dining room and safely away from little hands
There is still much to be done to make it look like I would like. (way too cluttered)
But, it will do for now

My desk, which was used to hold some books, will be the babe's changing table and storage in his (yet-to-be-built) room.
So....hence the moving of the books to the bookcase and future move of dishes to future dining room.

Good news...the framers will be here Monday!!!!
We are moving right along to living in a 3 bedroom home!!!
This is me being patient. (roughly 2 months til little Huckleberry is here)
Have I ever mentioned how bad I am at being patient?
But, I am practicing.

Happy weekend folks. Hope it's a good un'

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annie said...

I can tell your nesting instinct has really kicked in, huh? I remember feeling that way! You look great, & I enjoyed catching up on your blog. Glad Jake, Jamie, Beau & ? are closer to y'all...

Tell Grant I said, Hi & WPS! :)