Monday, August 6, 2012

to Quanah we go

 We made it to the annual Monroe Family Reunion in Quanah, Tx!
The Monroe family is GT's dad's mom's family. got it?
Grandma and Grandad Taylor both grew up in Quanah and I love getting to see a bit of their history!
Saturday morning, my trusty ole' father-in-law gave me a royal tour of the town.
The Quanah Museum which hosts some memorabilia of General Robert Taylor (grandad) from his service in the military. 

a perfect photo-op wall

The farmhouse where Grandma grew up...i wish we could go in, but it is falling apart!

middle. of. no. where. church where we gathered for food, visiting, Bingo, etc

the women folk doing the kitchen duty

sisters and cousins

the men shooting the breeze

grandad and Ty 

the smorgasbord of grub

the same beans continue to be used at the reunion for roughly 30 years (bingo beans, not the coffee beans, hahaha)

whooping up on some wiffle ball with my protruding belly

the gang

late hours of dominoes in the hotel lobby

GT and I always love drives across Texas, especially when his family greets us!
Ready for next year and to bring along little Huckleberry.

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