Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer days

There's nothing better than a good summer day.
(except for air conditioning to retreat to)

Josh, Jake and Beau came in town a few weekends ago and we had a perfect summer weekend.
We had a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel 
and sat in the rockers for a very long time, just enjoying the summer

sibs + nephew + baby Huckleberry

we stopped by GTs office
Beau always says "quack, quack" when we go by GTs office
wonder why?

we swam for a few hours
goggles make toddlers look hilarious, don't you think?

we ate pizza and played video games
Beau initiated the hand holding with me and GT.
i melted a bit.

it was lovely.

GT and I have been enjoying the cooler evenings (80's-low 90's...hey, it's August. we'll take it)

Summer is over for most kids.
But this big kid is still soaking it up.
yet, a bit eager for fall.

Happy Tuesday,

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