Thursday, February 21, 2013

6 things today

1. My laptop has bit the dust. So very sad.
So we're gonna have to live with the smaller, unedited, iPhone pics as I write from the iPad until I decide if I want to sell my soul for a new computer

2. My son is bowlegged. I guess he will just have to be a cowboy #finebyme

3. GT hollered from the bathroom (after i heard the toilet flush) "oh my word!". 
So, naturally, I think there's a snake in our house and jump on top of the couch. 
He just stared at me for approximately 20 seconds and I was like..."what!? What is it??? A king snake? Water moccasin? A spider?"
 then he showed me his hand- a ringless ring finger. His wedding ring was gone....down to the septic tank. 
I'll elaborate in another post

4. This is not how we starts out. He spins
And gets upset about it. When will he learn???

5. GT and JR were at home the other night while i was at Heart To Home and i received this text.
So, I don't bathe my child on a regular basis. What's it to ya? I can barely bathe myself on a regular basis.

6. Mom and dad have a roof! And their living room is going to be stunning!
That vault!

Thursday folks....make it a goodun'

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