Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunday Portrait Series: catchup

I have done a terrible job keeping up with our Sunday Portrait Series. 
You would think i'd be all over it now that we have this guy to make our pictures so much cuter!
so, let's play a little catch-up!
first sunday at church...6 weeks old (i think)

but, you know how it is after church with kiddos.
it's a bit hectic
so trying to get a family pic is hardly the priority
a picture with all of these babies will do!
our house church Christmas party
sweet Avalynn is just 1 day older!

at grandma and granddads church over Christmas

with Grammy and PawPaw

in the mirror while gettin fancy for his blessing at church

most definitely with our favorite girls 
even if it is on a Wednesday night

sometimes we have friends come in town that take our picture for us!!! (10 weeks)

and we have on our cardigan, jeans and uggs

we're especially happy when these girls come in town

and when we have some new overalls

hooray, a picture of the three of us on Sunday. perhaps the first one since JRs birth...3 months ago. (11 weeks)

our whole fam came in town for little Judson's baby blessing at church (9 weeksish)

lunch at Mamaw Lous (12 weeks)

hanging with Pa (13 weeks)

Someday, we'll get this series rolling again.
not this week though...GTs out of town again.

Happy weekend...enjoy!

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