Monday, February 4, 2013

His name: a Q & A

1. What do you call him?
this is a commonly asked question, as i refer to him as Judson Ray, JR, Judson, JRay and alot of my family call him Jud. I originally thought he' be Jud, but as of now...i'm not feeling it. He's mostly a Judson Ray or Judson . It just sounds right when you get to know the little guy. He's most likely going to have a random nickname anyway...

2. Did you name him ahead of time?
First of all, we came up with new names each week for my entire pregnancy. I knew that I didn't want to name him until I saw him. I don't know...i just had to see him first. I couldn't name someone that I've never met! So, we had a list of like 50 million names and continued to narrow it down as the day approached. We whittled the list down to three names :
Truett Wesley
Henry Alan
Townes Randall
(all middles names are family names)

Up until he was born, he was "Huckleberry"

3. How did you come up with his name?
A week or so before he was born, I faintly recall a conversation about the name Jud/ Judson. GT had mentioned Jud along the way and I liked it but wasn't sold. I wanted more than that...then i saw the name Judson on some billboard, somewhere, advertising something. sat there in the back of our minds.
When we got to the hospital, we decided it would be between Townes and Judson.

4. When did you name him?
After we met our little man and still in the delivery room, I was holding him and looked up at GT and asked him what his name was. GT then held out his fist and told me to pick one. I said, no way am I naming a person by picking a hand. He said, "just do it". So, I did and that little piece of paper said....Judson. I looked at GT, he looked at me and we fit our new little dark headed boy perfectly. He was definitely a Judson Ray.

5. What about his middle name?
Ray was my Pa's (my dad's dad) middle name- Dewie Ray Kirby. He was a good man. One of the best I've ever known. It's a solid name that belonged to a very solid man. I hope Judson reflects that in a powerful way someday


Sarah Jenkins said...

I thought for sure you might use Kirby! Is that in your future for a boy OR a girl??

Kate said...

definitely for a girl!

the norman family said...

I just love his name! And how you picked it... So perfect!

Lauren said...

I just met a Townes the other day! I like both but he DOES look like a Judson.