Thursday, February 7, 2013

playing in the rain

I miss this kid somethin awful

Beau got to play in the rain after church the last time they were in town

It was tough getting him inside to eat lunch
What a fun treat....getting to play in the puddles in your church clothes!

I'll have to admit...when I saw him jumping in this puddle- a flash of jealousy came over me. I wanted to jump in it too and get soaking wet. But then I'd have to wash my hair and carefully wash my nice dress. I had also worn tights that day...they'd be a disaster. And Judson. Who would tend to the little guy while I played in the rain? Oh adulthood and responsibility...
I love my Beau-man and his sweet spirit of excitement for the little things
The little things that last for a short time
The little things brought on by spontaneity and unrestrained by responsibility
The little things that we miss as we grow up
The little things that add something to our day
The little things that stretch our normal
Little things like playing in the rain
i just wish he could learn to have fun

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