Monday, February 18, 2013

this mamas style

so, i read this post about Mama style recently on this blog and thought it would be fun to enter their little contest. 
Then i looked in the mirror and this was the reflection that met me
I was going to meet GT for lunch 
typical outfit for me includes a hat, jeans, a tee and a cardi or fleece

I've never been a fashionista or cared much for latest trends. Don't get me wrong-I appreciate good style and cuteness, but rarely take the time or effort to execute it.
I usually default to comfort.
Being a nurse, I don't have "business casual" clothes and don't get a daily opportunity to dress up.
I like my scrubs. Sometimes, while looking at blogs like this one or this gal (don't get me started on her look!) I feel a tad bit lazy in my appearance. They look so stinking cute and with a kid! 
But, i have other good qualities. qualities like...........being low maintenance? some times. 
don't ask GT about that...i'm afraid he won't agree.

who am i kidding? this style has nothing to do with being a mom. i lacked style waaaaay before the little guy came along.

so, hats off (not mine though...the hair needs a wash) to you moms out there that look cute and wear clothes that match and fix your hair and don't wear your husbands hats

and cheers to a husband who thinks i'm pretty anyway!

happy monday!
hope this week is marveous,


AshlieB said...

haha this is awesome. Love it and I could have written it word for word :)

Kate said...

Glad I'm not alone Ashlie!