Sunday, February 17, 2013

late LOVE shout-out

I completely missed it.
Valentines Day.

My mom and I actually went out of town to see my super-cute nephews on Thursday, but not before i gave my man a big ole smooch and some Nerds (his fave) and a ridiculous card about his whiskers with cats on the front. Anywhoooooo.........

We didn't celebrate Valentines day in the traditional sense this year, but we are never short on love around these parts.
 i'm all for a good ole holiday that endorses chocolate and love.
more chocolate, more love!
more chocolate, more love!
more chocolate, more love!
(sorry, i got carried away)
seriously, with more days focused on chocolate consumption and love giving..wouldn't the world be a much nicer and sweeter place???

I'll refrain from writing about his good looks and killer charm and leave you with these pictures of my main squeeze meeting our little love bundle for the first time.
be still my heart. 
these guys bless me on a daily basis and that is not something i want to take for granted.
i always, always want them to know that i love them both with all that i got. all of it. 

my cup overflows and my love bank is full.
happy late valentines day you lovers!

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Jessi said...

there is kind of nothing better than seeing your husband with your babes. Even on our most recent little arrival, I couldn't believe how it still shocked me how much it made my heart hurt in the best way to see my man with one we made:)