Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 months

little Judson Ray!

you are a fireball and just so much fun
you still aren't much for cuddling, but you are starting to give us some more 'em!
you never slow down 
you are very observant of everything around you
you want to go, go, go!

but those moments when you just sit in my lap are so, so precious
you are very involved in the world around you
you make eye contact and seem to understand what we're telling you
you are becoming a little person, not just a baby

Your hair is hilarious.
You're sporting a mohawk/combover/mullet/rattail that I can not get control of.

you cut your first tooth!!!! you have been drooling and gnawing on everything for months, it seems.
you say dadada alot, for everything. 
you make sounds with d and b mostly

you LOVE to "drive" anything with a steering wheel.

you started Mothers Day Out this week and i think i'm excited about it
it's only 2 days a week for 5 bigs

you really never cry, but get frustrated...i guess that's what it is
you grunt, make an awful face and tense up your whole body

you love to read books
you will sit in still to read books-most of the time
you have started "talking" back to the books and trying to flip the pages
you like to pat the books, too

i think that you have a great sense of humor already
you are constantly making us laugh with different faces or sounds
(p.s. look at the size of your hands!!!)

you are starting to show favoritism with different toys and cling to them throughout the day
lately, it's been a hammer. 
go figure.

you aren't walking, although i believe you are coordinated and strong enough to 
you just crawl soooo fast, there is no need to walk at this point
you crawl on your left knee and push with your right foot and it is proving a very effecient way to get around for you
you sit in this little squat and it reminds me of my Pa, Dewie Ray...your middle-name sake. 
he sat like that alot. 

Judson Ray, you fill our home and our lives with so much joy.
your dad and I sometimes fight over who goes to get you from the nursery or up from a nap. we just love being with you. you give us so many rewards and light up a room.
we are blessed because God gave us you

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emily said...

The picture of him driving the cart is too stinking cute!

YAY for MDO! I'm sure he'll make great friends!!