Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to school duds

Schools back in for the fall! Or almost.
I start my grad school classes and clinicals back in a few weeks and I am reaching for excitement. Remember when I started this journey? I'm grasping for that spirit I had then! 
Before I became a mom and my priorities shifted.
 Anywhooo, I am thankful for the opportunity and know it will be worth it!

As always, it's too hot for a good back-to-school outfit, but that ain't keeping me from dreaming! Also...I don't actually go to a school. It's online with the occasional on campus meetings and I do clinicals in drs offices and the like. 
But I'm a sucker for first day duds. 
made well. 
made for me.

Perhaps for January when it's below 80 degrees. 

It might be the same dimensions as Judson, but he just might need it. 
Reaching for any excuse to make the purchase.
What 9 month old doesn't need a back to school XL backpack?
It's perfect.

Oh, ahem.........

.....Back to life. Back to reality....
Lets give it a high-five for comfort.

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