Thursday, August 22, 2013


  Judson made his maiden voyage to Quanah in July. 
We accompanied him on his longest road-trip to date.
We attended the annual Monroe Family Reunion and as always, it was great to catch up with GT's fam.
recaps from previous years here: 2010 & 2012
I am fully aware that I take a tremendous amount of photos.
you should be, too at this point.
this weekend was no different. it was thoroughly documented.
the crew
Grandma (Mona) and her brother (Tommy) are the remaining Monroe siblings.
They were born and raised in Quanah out on "the farm" where their parents, Mawmaw and Pawpaw, lived for many years.

we met at the local elementary school to eat, visit, play games
women-folk working away at the large feast (i spy an Uncle Doug trying to sneak a taste)
super cute Chels and Ty
lots of sweet kiddos
and those (bottom left) that had to be corralled

after spending Saturday at the school, we headed out to the Red River for fireworks and shenanigans
"trouble" is fitting for the FIL
The water is almost non-existent on this portion of the River creating a beach-like river bottom
ok, not really, but it is beautiful
West Texas does not host many trees, which is quite different than my usual surroundings
but, boy-oh-boy, those sunsets are stunning!

Garrett and Mason enlisted the younger cousins or "replaceable" cousins to light the fireworks
(sweet, right?)
keepin' it classy
just hanging out under a bridge

Taylor kiddos and sibs minus Kim and Matt

it is tradition for the cousins to bury their legs in the clay
if you stand in one place for long enough and move your feet up and down, you will gradually sink
no, thank you.

Sunday morning, we had a family devotional time in the park by the hotel
some good singin', i tell ya
surrounded by family and many generations is good
surrounded by family and many generations that love the Lord is an incredible blessing

Judson Ray was not short on love

JR and I sat with Grandma and uncle Tommy for breakfast Sunday morning
they talked about their mom and their sister, Dee, who died many years ago
Tommy said, "her heart was as big as horizon to horizon", then continued to speak of her personality "she was not always right, but she was never wrong".
i really loved listening to them reminisce and bring up memories of their loved ones who I didn't get the chance to meet.
They laughed at stories from their youth and basically told on themselves and on eachother.
Tommy said in reference to these stories, "i just dig 'em up, they are buried and need to live!"

I agree.

thats the reason for reunioning
to remember and to keep memories and stories alive

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