Sunday, August 18, 2013

All ate up

I credit my absence from the blog-o-sphere to a few things 

1. The computer situation. Still without a reliable one. This should be remedied this week. Ha-le-lure-jah

2. My son never stops moving. Never. Except when sleeping. And that's when I tend to other things like bathing, cleaning the house, hanging with my boyfriend and not guarding the outlets, cords, dog food, lamp, dogs and anything not a toy.

3. Instagram
Instagram ate my blog

It's easier and notably quicker to document life in a photo or two a day with brief a synopsis, comment or sarcastic description.
You can follow the goodtimes grams here over at gramville

Ill rejoin the blogging world soon and hold on to your horses gals, the post are likely to pile up. Lots of life to document 

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