Friday, August 30, 2013

the best of the beach

{for every 1 picture that you see, there are 40 more}
so, yes, i have spared you a mere 4gagill pictures.

the story of this beach trip goes something like this.
cue music.

our immediate fam usually takes a beach trip in August.
well, this year my parents are building a new house.
so, my dad said they weren't doing a beach trip since they would be in the final days of construction and most likely would be moving in. too much!
well, my brosif's fam and my little fam said, "whaaaat????" 
we must go to the beach!
so we found a little house in Fort Morgan with a private pool for the babes and booked it! 
independent grown-up stuff right there.

when we told my mom that we were still going to the beach (without them!) she said, "oh no way!"
"you are not taking my grand-babies to the beach with out me!"
or something like that. 

long story long.
we had a lovely week in Fort Morgan in the Hak Shack (hey oh!) and i LOVED having the private pool! it was a gem for when Judson Ray wanted to crawl through the sand.
baby+sunscreen+sand+mouth+bright sunshine= zero fun, sir. 
(first world problems, i'm aware)

it was just me,GT, JRay, Jake, Jamie, Beau, Luke, Mom and Josh
dad didn't make it and he was definitely missed!

here's a very brief photographic re-cap

we swam
built sand castles
played Legos
read books
GT and I went fishing
played Trivial Pursuit
didn't relax on the beach
relaxed by the pool during naps
walked the beach
chased crawling babies
watched movies
cooked some delish grub
went for run(s?)
sang devo songs by the pool under the stars
and let Honey keep the babes so we could go out
and loved being together

the best part about vacation is having GT with me all day, every day for a set amount of days
i like those days
Judson did, too

i have made the vacation transition
no longer am i the kid
i have a kid
he will start his little vacation memory bank
i know this particular vacation won't make the bank, since he's still wee, but soon enough they'll start piling up.

my idea of vacation has changed
they're a lot more work than they use to be
my main goals now for vacation are
1. some relaxation
2. being with family and letting our "togetherness" be the primary focus
3. creating an atmosphere for wonderful memories for my kids

this first beach vacation with kid did not disappoint.
let's start adding to the bank!


Lauren said...

These pictures are amazing and convey such a wonderful story of family togetherness! My favorite is the corn on the cob pic. PRICELESS!

Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Great synopsis of an awesome vacay! loved it sister...your bro

Sarah Jenkins said...

I can so hear your Mom saying "oh no, you are not going to be beach without me!" or something like that! So sweet....lovin' the pictures of the cousins together. That little Luke is so cute too!!