Friday, August 2, 2013

Adding color

I've always been a neutral kind of girl. 
(Also. I've never claimed to be a home photographer genius. iPhone is my game)

Probably boring to some. 
In my wardrobe and home decor I tend to like simplicity and quiet colors ...not venturing too far into the world of color.
Then I decided to go for it. Gradually I have been adding touches of color to our home. 
I want our home to be fun. 
We won't be in the baby-having and kid-raising season forever, so I'm all in. 
Of course, I'll refrain from going all McDonalds playhouse, but I'm gonna bring some fun into our home by way of brighter and louder hues. 
I made this in a few minutes today and I might go crazy with the hot glue gun...stand back 
I believe you can never have too much garland/bunting/pennants. 

Happy weekend folks
Make it bright

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