Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1 week young

i've heard that the baby stage goes by more quickly with each baby that you have.
i will verify that, as this was the fastest week i can recall to date.
we have done a whole lot in this week
and i so don't want to rush this

Townes Wesley, you are the best 1 week old that I know!

you are an easy keeper and are very alert 
probably questioning all of the ruckus going on around you

we have spent a lot of time snuggling you and your unbelievable sweetness

but, we have also been getting out and about. 
to the mall

to a night with Kari Jobe and Christine Caine. which was incredible!!!
you slept the entire time, except for waking up to eat
and it was LOUD, but you were sleeping beauty

we have had your cousins, aunts and uncles over to visit
gone to your Aunt Chrys and Uncle Johnny's for lunch and cousin fun
 to your Mamaw Jo's for Sunday lunch with the fam
and out to eat lunch twice!

of course, we have spent quite a bit of time at your Honey and Pa's

your Honey spoils us and we really don't know how we'd survive without her next door

we are really enjoying every second with you!
you eat and sleep really well and i am hoping that continues FOREVER!
after you eat, you nuzzle up on my chest with your arms folded under your chin and i can't even handle it. 

you had your first doctors visit and you are already back up to birth weight 
packing on them lb's....or ounces

which will come in handy, since you will need to keep up with your big cousins and brother

i praise God for the gift of YOU!
even though you've only been here for 1 week, it seems that you've been in our family forever.
so quickly, i have forgotten what life was like without you in it.

your brother is pretty fond of you, too.
he asks for you each time after he wakes up and gives you kisses before he goes to bed.
if he doesn't know where you are, he will call out, "Town?" and search until he puts his eyes on you.
he's going to teach you lots and take good care of you....until you can fend for yourself, i'm sure.

we praise God for you, little Townes Wesley
He has truly blessed us beyond what we could have asked or imagined!

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The Morrows said...

Townes is precious. And you look beautiful, as always :)
I hope you are getting some rest!