Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to manage life with 2 kids and other random things

i kid, i kid.
i know nothing about managing life with 2 kids

16 days into this gig and I have, most definitely, NOT figured it out.
and i assure you that I will never have the answers to life with kids.
except to live next door to your mom...

for years i have loved the name Everly and thought that i would possibly name my daughter that one day, if i had a daughter. The only place i could recall ever hearing that name was in a song I listened to in college.
1. we haven't had a girl yet
2. the name is getting more popular (thanks Channing Tatum)
3. i couldn't remember what song it was
so, the other day i had the "singer-songwriter" station playing on the tv and I heard it.
Brandi Carlile, "Happy"
and wouldn't you know? it ain't Everly. it's Amber Lee.
"I'm happy, can't you see? I'm alright, but i miss you, Amber Lee."
close, Kate. real close.

i have decided to quit trying to wear my regular jeans and wedding rings
i thought my hands were just pregnancy swollen
but 2 weeks post-partum and the rings still won't fit...perhaps it's not just edema. yikes!
we'll try back in a few weeks or months.
perhaps i'll just get a "GT" tattoo on my ring finger!?

speaking of GT, he has been building stuff like crazy lately and it's awesome!
he fashioned us a fence around our A/C and trashcan last weekend. 
with some stellar help!
ain't it grand???
so straight and pretty!

he also built this little wall thing for Townes little nook in our bedroom
out of pallets
i love it
just love it

Townesy is treating us well, still a dreamboat!
unfortunately i am still in school this semester which meant, i had to get in some clinical hours
which meant, i had to give him a bottle
and i was sad, but he took it like a champ!
JR wanted to "hawp"
and help he did
he is surprisingly a good helper.
not mad about it.

i have about 2 weeks left in this semester and then i get a 2 week break and i am living for those weeks!
so, once that break rolls around, i will do some major blog catching-up.
for now, i am catching up on a LOT of work that i got behind on when i-you know- had a baby.
yesterday was my first day back at clinical and i think i delivered more than just a baby in that hospital room, i delivered every single ounce of knowledge and thought-processing potential i ever had.
hopefully it's still filed away in there somewhere, as i have a final next Monday.

happy thursday peeps.
hope this random post found you well and chipper.

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