Thursday, July 3, 2014

celebrating, rejoicing and waiting!

Today at noon marked 4 years since I became a wife.
4 years since GT became a husband.
and I think it's been the best year yet! 
we have accomplished a lot in these 4 years.
we sure have learned a lot
and changed a lot
our family has changed and grown 
and for all of that...the growth and changes, i am thankful.
four years have been good to us
and because of that, we celebrate!

we have a niece!!!
Grace Monroe Taylor was born last evening to Chelsea and Ty (GT's bro) 
isn't she the prettiest thing you ever did see?
I just can't wait to love on her and kiss those cheeks
a niece
how does that sound? pretty perfect, to me.

yet we will have to wait to meet her in person

waiting, waiting, waiting on our little guy to arrive.
i'm ok with waiting.
i've never known a baby not to come out.
i'm all about some full term, healthy lungs
so, waiting is our game 
 i feel pretty great actually and i'm getting a lot of schoolwork completed
so, waiting isn't the hardest part, so far...
let me officially reach 40 weeks on Monday and we'll talk then.

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