Tuesday, July 15, 2014

new in Townes

a clever gift from Bella

we are just smitten with the newest Taylor.
all of us.
his face is irresistibly kissable and his little body fits perfect in my arms.

life with 2 is proving to be incredibly sweet, rewarding and high-maintenance (is that the right word??)!
therefore i have been unable to share on this ole blog.
also, i had a paper due on Sunday and i've chosen to use JR's nap times to make my Mamaw Jo's oatmeal cookies (amaze-ING!), clean the house, do homework and stare at Townes.

T-dubs has had a very busy first week of life and has been a dreamboat!
seriously, he is the sweetest thing.
you should meet him!  you'd fall for him- hard and fast.

more pictures, more details, more stories to come but, for now...i'm gonna cuddle one boy and chase another

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