Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a Good Times Garden

This was mine and my dad's 1st year to do a summer garden.
So, we allowed ourselves some grace and didn't expect much.
Luckily, we have had a rare rainy month of June and our little seeds have sprouted some incredible produce!
We have planted, tended, weeded, watered, nurtured, harvested and eaten.
the verdict is out: it is good.
and we are already giddy thinking about next years or this Fall's bigger and better garden!

plans include
1. better deer proofing- those suckers are sneaky and greedy
2. more purple bush beans- so, so, so good!
3. less squash seeds per pod- they are very productive and get heavy very quickly
3. more tomatoes, better spacing- can never have enough and they need some space, me thinks
4. more blackberries, inside of the fence- more for us, less for deer and other sneaky animals
5. longer rows
6. higher fence
7. wider walking paths- maybe?
8. more aesthetically pleasing gate (that's my idea, obviously)
9. add zucchini and some type of greens
10. perhaps maybe not be pregnant and not in grad school

my dad is definitely the planner, organizer and realist.
i'm the excited harvester, cook and overly hopeful (and not perfectionist)

some photos.
from planting day- April
to roughly 2 weeks ago- June

we have so enjoyed this little garden
i have really loved learning alongside my dad
some trial and error, adjusting our plans and harvesting our rewards!
it's fun to get excited over a new cucumber or a tomato turning red with him
i'm excited to watch Judson become a gardener and grow up learning to appreciate good food and how to work with the earth.
there really is so much more to this little garden than the veggies
it's good for our family, good for our bodies and good for the soul.
it is good and it is satisfying to eat something that you planted and watched grow from a little seed.
and the tastes!!! oh, how those tomatoes and peppers tasty!

it's not much, but it's ours.
our little garden.
our Good Times Garden

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