Monday, November 19, 2012

little photos

We had some photos taken of our little family of 3. 
I will cherish them always as they capture Judson Ray at just 8 days new.

the twin bed in his nursery

be still my heart

skis for feet

squishy squishy lips

GT was not so keen on sitting in the grass for a family photo.
He kept referencing his 6'4 tall body and that it really wasn't meant to sit on the ground for pics.
Erin asked him, "how do you normally sit on the floor?"
GT, "in a chair".
point made
Luckily, he's pretty agreeable and parked his rear in the grass for me...all 5 feet of legs and all. 

JR anointed this blanket with some poop. 
you're welcome

i spy a little foot

oh my lands

Thanks Erin for these awesome images...I adore them. 
if you want equally great her here at Stokes Images

Have an excellent week of Thanks!

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