Monday, December 15, 2014

a long weekend in Huntsville

you all know how much i love going to GT's parents home
this much

recently, we spent a long weekend there and soaked up every second of time with them
getting loved on

visiting Granny
or "Grammy Rubys" as JR calls her

loving Texas in general

playing with the dogs
you might notice Trigger...he's a Texan now
he and Judson always enjoy a little reunion

taking some photos of TW when i'm running late for church

playing some dominoes, of course
the ladies won, if you must know

more dog loving
I'm not sure if Judson Ray or I love being at GT's childhood home more
we just make ourselves right at home and never want to leave

luckily, we have an open invitation and take advantage of that as often as we can
thank goodness for awesome grandparents!

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