Thursday, December 18, 2014

thanks for asking

5 years ago, I said "yes". 
Actually, I think I just nodded. 
Then GT waited and asked me again in order to get a verbal response. 
I suppose that my silent nod of affirmation wouldn't suffice when it came to

When he proposed, on the balcony of a hotel room of the Four Seasons (strong work, gt), I was wearing a beautiful birthstone ring that was given to me by my aunt Jessi. Well, in all of the excitement it was gently and literally tossed to the side, in order to be replaced by the new bling. Unfortunately, to-the-side was off of the balcony...and never to be found.
 I really liked that ring and still wish that I hadn't been so careless.

Luckily I wasn't so careless in my husband selecting. 
More accurately, in my saying yes.
GT always says to me, "thank you for marrying me"
to which i respond, "thanks for asking"

and i mean it.
He has always been and continues to be the better decision maker and initiator between the two of us. 
I always ask his advice before making a decision. even little ones.
it's really a wonder that i can function when he is gone for days at a time.
i kid. i kid.
but only a little.

When GT asked me to marry him, there was no doubt in my mind that my answer would be yes.
On that day, five years ago, i said yes because I was incredibly in love and pretty infatuated with him.
i said yes because he loved me so well.
and because he loved his family,  he enjoyed being with my family, he sought Godly wisdom from other men, he treated others well, he was strong, he was passionate, he was driven, he was considerate, he was a leader, he was mature, he had a great family, he liked to go to baseball games and concerts, he was ambitious, he was supportive, he made good conversation, he was confident, he liked black coffee, he was smart, he was taller than me (seriously, it had to start somewhere), he knew how to have a good time, he didn't take himself too seriously, he was a little bit country (ok, a lotta bit), he was handy, he was independent, he appreciated good and stupid humor, he was encouraging, he was competitive, he was easy to talk to, he handled my "issues" well, he was thoughtful, he was incredibly handsome.
i respected him and i loved him.
and i really like being with him as often as possible.
also, when i told him that "i'm not high maintenance, i just like nice things"...he stuck around and even gave me nice things.
luckily, i'm not as "high-maintenance" as when we dated (or so i think)

today, i would say yes again...if he asked.
but the reasons extend beyond those listed above.
the Lord gave me the desires of my heart before i even knew what they were.

He gave me a man that would lead me and my family to know Jesus personally.
a man that would make tough decision day-in and day-out that were the right decisions, but not the most popular or easiest. 
a man that would continue to seek wise counsel from others that would make him a better father and husband.
a man that would pour into the word of God in order to grow His personal faith.
a faith that would stand as the cornerstone for our family.
a man that would be practical when i was unreasonably emotional
a man that would always say "i'm sorry"
a man that wouldn't give up on us
a man that is committed to and incredibly intentional about leading and loving his family
a man that likes still likes to be my boyfriend

I was not aware of all of the good that i was saying "yes" to then.
and sometimes, the not-so-good, but in saying "yes" i got it all and i'm keeping it.

5 years later, i still back up my decision
and GT, thanks for asking.

(yes, that is GT in the above photo. pb&lh. pre-beard & long-hair)

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