Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a New Years ditty

i really do like the idea of a new start.
a new beginning.
a designated place and time to begin the journey towards achieving a goal.

 i typically don't make resolutions on January 1st because i get tired of them, forget them or ignore them.
instead of resolutions for the new year, i'd like to think of these things as part of the new me
things that i want to forever integrate into who i am and how i do life.

since i traditionally never stick to my resolutions, let's start with this one:
1. finish what i start
even the mundane things, like putting away the folded laundry
(i'm staring at it as we speak i type. i stopped the process so that i could write this post)
it's not January 1 yet, so cut me some slack
honestly, i'm talking about finishing everything that i start.
staying committed, putting my nose down and grinding it out.
big or small, inconsequential or largely significant.

2. tip the scale towards gratitude
vs. complaining, pity-partying, jealousy, sadness

3. it's their day, too
remember that my kids can have tough days, too
and on my tough days, remember that it doesn't mean that i need to create a tough day for them.
and that my attitude directly impacts their day
they deserve to have a great day and to be treated with the kindness (and patience)
it's their day, too

4. be intentional
the older i get, i realize just how fleeting our days are
and their finality.
once a day is over, it is over and gone.
as true and real as this is, it is just now really becoming my reality.
i am learning that i can determine how our days are spent and what becomes of our time.
i do think that raising two boys to love God and love others is good enough.
 i do.
as a parent that is my job and my goal.
but, if i see something that needs to be done or want something to be done,
then i have to be intentional about doing it.
obvious enough, you'd think.

for instance: i've had a goal of living (mostly) self-sufficiently off of our land in regards to what we eat.
it can be done.
we have the space and the resources.
i just haven't been intentional about using my time efficiently in order to make it happen.
this year, that changes.
up with the chicken coop
in with the year-round garden
this is just one area in which i want to be intentional with my time.

5. free myself from nagging
i never knew that i was a nag until i got married
man, i can wear GT out with little nips about how he does this or that or doesn't do this or that.
and for what? and why?
we ARE on the same team, after all
 it doesn't do anyone any good and the nagging really achieves nothing.
except create tension and hard feelings
i've decided over the last few months to just stop with the nagging
anytime i feel like i need to say something snarky to GT, i stop and think of something kind to say or just say nothing at all (i typically go with that option)
and it is amazing the change in attitude that i have felt, the kindness that we show one another, the positivity in our interactions and the overall happiness that i feel when we're together
try it.
free yourself from the responsibility of nagging or correcting.
let it go.
it's not your job anyway.

6. leave people better than where i found them.
don't leave them with my anxieties, insecurities, doubts, negativity or worries.
leave them with fruit
the fruit of the spirit is my anthem
love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control

Whatever your New Years resolutions or goals may be, tackle 'em.
capitalize on this designated point in time as a fresh start
and a kick in the pants to get in gear

climb that mountain!
or laundry basket

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