Wednesday, December 10, 2014


we had a full weekend of festivities this Thanksgiving
that involved lots of lots...overflowing with blessings.

Jake, Jamie, Beau, Luke, Josh, Jonathan, Jenn, Lillian and James Everett were all in on Wednesday, so there was constant kid action somewhere
mostly on the gator or running around outside

thursday lunch was at my parents house with the whole crew
and some food-prep help from the littles

our newest family member, sweet Harper

Judson and Luke are never far apart

and the things we find them doing always entertains

after lunch and a bit of lounging, a family-friendly game of football commenced

i'm pretty sure the team i was on won.
i missed the end because a rather hungry 4 month old summoned.
but, it doesn't matter who won...we all had fun. 

i love these ladies of mine
(missing a few)

and this little guy's first Turkey day 

that evening we celebrated our sweet wittle Wukey turning 2!!!!
he is quite the character
with his silly smile, quirky mannerisms and awesome hair
i love how he loves us, especially Judson.
he's a good little buddy
and i am incredibly proud to be his aunt!

this tough guy, too
how did he get to be 4, anyhow?

Friday, my Mamaw Jo cooked a delicious lunch of gumbo and mexican cornbread
just so we wouldn't go a meal without being with our family
she's the best

that night, us Kirby siblings saw Mockingjay....yeeep!

Saturday morning, my Mamaw Lou cooked breakfast at her house
what a wonderful treat!

then we took family pictures, which went as well as you can expect 

but the photographer did bring her miniature pig
so, that was fun... 

the older i get and the more people that i get to know, i realize just how rare it is to have such a large family living in close proximity to one another.
it is a rare thing.
and it is not something i take for granted. 
i soak up every single second with my family
and thank God repeatedly throughout the day for the goodness He has shown to me.

all of this family is wonderful, but without sharing the hope of heaven with them, the joy would be missing.
i am incredibly thankful that i was born into such loving, welcoming, joyful family that taught me about Jesus. 
because of the gospel of Jesus i will share eternity with my earthly family.
and that is something to be thankful for.

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