Friday, December 5, 2014

friends weekend

our besties from Texas, the Waldrons and Lovetts, planned on staying at our house on their way through La to a football game in Alabama. 
well, the football game was predicted to be pretty rough, so they decided to forego their plans of long travel and likely disappointment in the outcome of the game...and just stay the weekend with us!

we had the best weekend.
it was an unexpected little staycation for us and the 4 of them got a great little vacation kids-free.
well, except for ours. JR and Tdubs were here, but they didn't seem to mind. 

we mainly just hung around the house
eating food, talking, playing dominoes and watching football
and us gals did some shopping around town
my parents kept our boys friday night so we could go out to eat
i love our new restaurant in town, Nonna.
the perfect atmosphere for a long, relaxed dinner and good conversation 

JR might have  had the most fun of anyone, though.
he loves a party and the weekend felt like a non-stop shin-dig.
his kind of jam.

and he LOVES. i mean LOVES Tommy
"Tom-MEH" he yelled all weekend
they are quite the buds

of course, our time together was much too short
we have decided that these little weekends spent at one anothers homes is ideal.
although, we wouldn't mind a vacay in Hawaii

fortunately for us, we got to see Tommy, Brice and their kids last week, too!
we made a trip to Huntsville to see GTs folks and met up with the Waldrons for dinner one night.
i love watching JR and Tate play... or "Tape", as Judson calls him.

being intentional is the only way we will see each other 
and we want our kids to grow up knowing one another
plus, us adults have a purty good time together
i think we're off to a good start keeping the Waldron/Lovett/Taylor friendship alive and kickin'

in the spirit of Christmas, "there is no greater gift than friendship"- Polar Express Santa Claus

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