Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2 year old business

big stuff over here for Judson
over the last couple of months, he has transformed into a self-proclaimed "big boy"
perhaps this goes along with the acquisition of a baby brother and alllll of the heavy responsibilities that accompany big brotherhood. 
or perhaps he is just realizing that he is physically larger than most his age 

or it's because there have been some pretty big changes that rocked his little 2-year old world

since Thanksgiving:
1. he no longer sleeps in a crib
but in his "big boy bed"
although, with it against the wall and a with a side-rail, headboard and footboard- it closely resembles a large crib

he made the transition like a champ.
actually, GT is responsible for this one.
i came home late one night from Heart to Home, grabbed the monitor to check on the boys and low and behold...the camera was pointed at the twin bed with a little Judson asleep on the pillow.
i said, "whaaaat?!?", looked at GT
he just smirked 
strong work, dabidy

2. he no longer wears diapers
and those boxer-briefs......

GT is also responsible for this transition.
Judson has been sitting on the potty for a few months off and on and has been talking about it for a while.
i was just dragging my feet, not wanted to commit to urine-soaked underwear and clothes and floors.
or hauling a toddler to the potty while trying to nurse an infant.
i'm fine with changing diapers. really, i am. 

well, one day, GT was home and just started taking JR to the potty
and that was that.
I, of course, jumped on board and he has done great!
we didn't/aren't using any specific method. he wears pull-ups often. and has accidents.
but, Rome wasn't built in a day.
and i am not trying to build Rome anyway.

3. he no longer has a pacifier to sleep
around age 1, judson was only allowed to use his pacifier in his crib or in the car
then after a while, it was just in his crib
and he was ok with that.
but, he was really dependent on it to go to sleep.

as his vocabulary expanded and his ability to have a conversation improved, the more ridiculous he looked while trying to talk with a pacifier.
it was time.
i mentioned this to GT and i told him that we should start thinking about taking it away.
he said, "what are you waiting for"
i don't know. maybe for Judson to naturally give it up, or we lose them all, or for Jesus to come back.
i don't know. maybe for a big dose of courage?

then one day, i decided that was it.
no more pacifier.
so, i told Judson that there were babies that needed his pacifiers.
he was a big boy and didn't need one anymore
luckily, he bought it!
Townes uses a different kind, so i told Judson that the new babies that were just born at the hospital needed his kind.
he put them all in a paper bag, we drove to the hospital and gave them to the babies in the nursery.
actually i drove up to the door of the hospital and took the bag in, throwing it in the trash.
but, Judson thinks that i handed them to the lady who takes care of the babies (the housekeeper he saw through the window). 
we drove away, no tears!
only to turn around and see him with 3 pacifiers that he had hidden from me.
so, i took those to our friends who just had a baby (or did i?)

he had a couple of tough naps and some tearful bedtimes, but otherwise has never looked back.
that first nap was pitiful, though.
he asked, "babies give papi's back to Juh-juh?"
heartbreak hotel.

we are really enjoying this age
Judson is a funny kid.
perhaps all parents feel this way about their 2 year old.
but, we feel it all the same.

he is also talking a lot.
all day long.
he can roughly say his "a,b,c's" with some help and can count to 10 with some prompting.
he does not like to perform on command. and i wish that didn't bother me. but, it does. terribly.

he also really likes to sing, while bobbing his head and doing an arm dance
things like "Bingle Jells" and "Ole Don-doh had harm"

if he isn't willing to go where i ask him to and would rather stay where he is and play, he doesn't say "no" (except for sometimes)
he just looks at me, cocks his head to the side and nods it up and down saying "pway widdle bit?"

he says "hi" to me all throughout the day. 
if i come back from the kitchen and sit beside him, "hi, mama"
when i sit down at the table at lunch, "hi, mama"
or if he just looks at me, "hi, mama"
that training in friendliness is really working.
at home.

he is a happy, fun, easily excited kiddo
but HATES to have his haircut
i told the lady last time to cut it short, because we weren't coming back for a while
you'd think we were ripping out his fingernails
hopefully he'll grow out of that

if he wants to go where i'm going, he'll say "hu-hold, go wif me"
he likes to give "hi-fibes" when we praise him
he often tells himself "great job" after going to the bathroom

along with his quirkiness and humor is the stubbornness and irrational fits, hitting, lack of personal space and what-nots of a toddler.
the good and the bad
all parts of growing, i suppose.

the part that i like the most, is his incredible ability to forgive
i get mad about something, yell at him (yes, i hate it too) and he is right there wanting a hug and for me to love him.
i'm thankful for that.
it makes me want to do a better job.

this 2 year old business is tough stuff, but i'm thankful that it's my job (and GTs) to teach him how to navigate this life. 
i'm also thankful that we get front-row seats to Judsons hilarity, excitment and crazy

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