Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas with the Kirbys

 Christmas festivities began early for us this year
which, is fine by me!

they were kicked off with Judson Ray's party at Mothers Day Out
he LOVES his friends and talks about them all of the time
we are so grateful that he enjoys his time with other kids and his teachers "Ju-wee" and "K-K"
he is always proud to show off his brother, too

we road the Polar Express in Palestine, Tx and will post about that later!

we had Christmas morning with my family the Saturday before Christmas day
mom outdid herself, as usual, with an extraordinary breakfast including monkey bread and white grape juice (two of my favorites that are saved for this day of the year)

Honey and Pa gave some pretty great gifts
especially to their little grandboys

after some playing and a little bit of clean-up, we headed to my Mamaw Jo's for her annual 
Christmas Eve Brunch
she hosted this event early so that we could all be there
ain't that grand?!

she's something else, i tell ya
going above and beyond to take care of her family
making each of us feel like we're her favorite...
...and that's no small task

we each received a gift from her and then we were able to shower her with gifts
i love watching her get loved on

the next day, after church, we all congregated at our barn for my mom's annual 
Cousin Cookie Decorating
 such a fun and festive way to introduce the barn to our family and the barn to our large family.
lots of fun memories to be had here

after the sugar and sprinkles ran out, we walked down to mom and dad's house for some chili and chilling (ha, ha, ha)

i'm so thankful to my family for creating such memorable events surrounding Christmas
it takes effort to make memories
and it takes effort to create events for the memories to happen
i'm so glad that my boys will grow up in this environment surrounded by intentional and loving family

GT and I gave Judson a few gifts 
including a real, black-felt cowboy hat
a wooden truck and horse-trailer
and a light-up moon for his room
(see a pattern here? dude loves some cowboys and the moon)

last year, i started the tradition of giving a book to GT and JR to read together
last year it was This is Texas
this year it was Hello, Texas
so, i guess it is Texas forever (seriously)
they have read This is Texas probably everyday and have now added Hello, Texas to their routine at night
 along with some moon watching

the siblings and nephews were here all weekend, so we did a good bit of playing outside, drinking coffee and chatting, watching football and the guys did some hunting

another great Kirby Christmas in the books!

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