Thursday, January 8, 2015

6 months with Townes!

half of a year spent with you!
you sweet, little, snuggly love bug
and we just keep coming up with nicknames
Judson and I mostly call you Townesy, Rooskie or Roosker-do

 last month you experienced your 1st Christmas
with your cute buddy, Harrison

you have an "angel kiss" and "stork bite" birthmark
that have yet to fade
but, i kind of love 'em
you're still the cuddliest baby that i know
and give some really great, tight hugs 
i love when you rest your head on my shoulder
you are usually content to sit in our laps and watch whatever your brother is doing
but, you are starting to get a little more wiggly and less content

you're not quite ready to crawl 
but you can roll all over the place and you can spin, so you can get to things that are within a few feet of you
you can sit unassisted for a good while without getting too top-heavy and toppling to the side
you want to get around so badly!

 you smile at just about anybody 
a friend snapped these photos of you during church
her son was talking to and smiling at you

you are interacting with your brother more
and he is enjoying (for the most part) showing you how to play with toys
he gets the BEST laughs out of you
if he isn't around, it seems like you are looking for him...
your little head is on a swivel until you find him, then you let out a funny noise and a grin.
it's almost like an inhaled grunt/squeal...if that makes sense

not to be confused with your squeal-growl, as your dad and i call it. that is the angry noise that you make right before you get upset.
you have definitely started showing more of your not-so-compliant side in the last few weeks.
you are learning that you have a voice and a (pretty intense) scream.
luckily, you don't use it too often and are pretty easy-going

you're a good little night-time sleeper 
but it's been hard for us to stick to a nap time routine lately, so those naps can get tricky

you sat in a high-chair for the first time!
and seemed to like the freedom
until you wanted to be which i obliged

you also tried a mum-mum and some bananas 
you're not so sure about either
oh well, we'll try again later

your hair is really growing in thick
but mostly little bangs
the hair on top is so fine and sticks up like little fuzz
it looks like you've just had a bath, all of the time

you're just so handsome, little bit
you get so excited when someone walks in the room and addresses you
you can make people feel special when they see you

6 months with you has gone too quickly, i must say
i feel like we are just getting to know you, but have known you for forever at the same time
we are so excited to see your little personality develop
and to keep on loving you and your sweet, cuddly self

love you, little Townsey

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