Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dallas: food edition

There are certain things I look forward to when going to Dallas.
It's my favorite place to go for the weekend, or live for a few years.
This might change. But, today, it's Dallas.

So, I decided to start a series of my fave things about the big D.
Today I am starting with the food. Duh. Where else would I start?
I dream about eating out in Dallas...the options are endless and overwhelming.
Seriously, it might take me a few weeks to plan out where I want to eat while we're there.
Luckily, you often can just pick somewhere and it will be delicious.
Most of the restaurants have pretty awesome atmospheres so that totally makes the experience.
Did I mention the patios...everywhere.

Without further adieu, here are my first 3 fave places to eat.
There will be more, I just didn't want to overwhelm your taste buds.

GT and I ate here last Sunday for  brunch.
We ate on the upstairs patio. It feels like part of NOLA french quarter.
The food is stupid good. We split the nature-cakes with blueberries and the San Antonio tacos.

Manny's Uptown Events
Manny's Uptown

If you were mad at me, I'd send you to Mannys and consider our relationship healed.
You'd thank me too.
True Tex-Mex. Go and get the Mannys Uptown queso. Do it.
And of course, sit on the patio.

It's so dreamy
Everything is fresh and brought in daily.
I love sitting on the patio(suprised?) and trying some new way to cook vegetables.
Simply perfect.

That'll do for now.
I'm looking for a napkin to soak up my drool.

More to come on food, concerts/venues, outdoors, sports, theatres and more.
So, sit back, relax and let me be your Dallas tour guide!

happy touring,

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