Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday WM lovin'

I've been talking about how much I love Dallas this week. And will continue that series next week.
While I do miss living there alot, there is a reason I love home, West Monroe.
Yesterday afternoon is a perfect example.

We went out to my parents land in Calhoun.
First, we visited with Tony and Tye.
Tony and Kim live across the street with their 30+ horses. Tye is their soon to be son-in-law.
They're just good people. You know what I mean? Just hard-working, friendly, solid people.
We've known them forever, but I just love 'em.

Then we headed across the way, over yonder to throw some line out.
translation: we drove across the street to fish.

tye and gt in a itty bitty boat.
we(the girls) were just waiting for it to tump...yes that is a real word. look it up.

dad fixin' his line

while fishing poles were their weapons of choice...
...this was mine.
tye has killed 3 snakes out there within the last week.
a copper head and water moccasin among the goup.
i'm not taking any chances.
you better believe i was hyperaware of my surroundings.
my steps were light.

so, the gist of this post is this.
while i love dallas and all the ways it appeals to me
i love a good afternoon in Calhoun

happy friday peeps,

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