Monday, March 21, 2011

going to the big D

and I do mean Dallas.
Does anyone else sing this everytime they are getting close to Dallas?
Or not

Anywhoo...we had another great weekend on the road.
Speaking of, we don't have an unplanned weekend until June.
Does that make us popular or crazy? or just tired? or normal?
Either way, that's the way we roll.Holler

Back to the matter at hand. Dallas.
GT took Jake and his brother in law, Colby, hog huntin' on Friday night.
Those crazy kids stayed out til 3am...heavens to Betsy that makes me want to throw up.
They had a great time and killed some varmits, no hogs.
Us girlies stayed home with the kids, watched House Hunters International and drank dangerously sugary coffee drinks and smoothies. Watch out!

The rest of the weekend was filled with more chillins'.
Three of our good friends' had babies within the last 2 months, so we were able to visit them all and just love on those wittle bitty babes. I could just smell a newborn for hours(don't judge, just do it).
When we weren't cuddling with the itty bittys, we were hanging out wiht Beau and his 2 sweet cousins.
As you can tell, we had a major kiddo kind of weekend.

Enough words, here are pics:
that's all i took.
honestly, i couldn't believe that was all either.

and this

early Saturday morning and he was just the happiest little love ever.

happy mondee,

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Lauren said...

I mean he is so deliciously fat. He wouldn't have lasted very long with the Hansel and Gretel witch!