Saturday, January 14, 2012


My BFF, Jenna, told us all before Christmas that she was preggers!

We have been together since either of us can remember. 
We share 1st cousins, grew up on the same street, ran track together, played bball together, went to school and church together, went to college and were club sistas! together, and everything else was done basically together. 
I was her MOH

and she was my MOH

We were beyond thrilled for them to start their family of 3 and couldn't wait to see their first little sonogram.
and there are 2!
Two little sacs with a baby in each.
When Jen told me, I started shaking with shock as if it were my body. 
I guess thats what happens when you've gone through most of life's experiences with someone. 

She and her hubby, Drew, are gonna be awesome parents of twins.
Those babies are in the perfect family to be loved on.
I already love those babies so much and all we can see are two little dots.
Congrats Tyners on your new awesome journey to a family of 4!

I guess our dinners like this...
are about to be few and far between.

Perhaps, we'll spend our days dressing them up like this 

So happy,

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