Friday, October 5, 2012

a few weeks via iphone

a few weeks ago, GT knocked a hole in our wall
this totally rocked Beau's world
"uh oh, GT broke it"

then he stained the concrete and it rocked my world

after i mopped it. (don't judge my appearance, i just got off work and it was late)
 which didn't even come close to rocking my world.
ok. so maybe i mopped for a minute, then GT took over because I whispered that my back hurt and he made me quit. 

my awesome work friends had a not so little baby shower for us

i felt very special and loved

they really are the best peeps to work with

Sister-Sadie and her bff Anna Catherine made freshman Homecoming court
and were the prettiest girls on the doubt. not partial.

Bella posed (after it was over) until we noticed and then posed some more

Sadie looked like a Barbie doll at the football game and John Luke was cute and sweet as ever.
I dropped my purse and he quickly picked it up for me. 
I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but bending over ain't what it use to be. 

35 weeks, i think
just entertaining myself with some "now you see you don't"

making progress on the house!!!
brick to come this weekend!

and one more thing...
GT killed this.

Happy weekend folks
i think it's going to be lovely


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