Wednesday, October 3, 2012


More like a monsoon! (hardy har har)

Our friends and family completely showered us with more than we could ever ask for.
I feel beyond blessed.

When i was thanking everyone for their love and gifts I told them, "now that you're equipped and dressed him, you have to raise him".
And i kind of mean it.
There's no way GT and I can raise this boy alone. 
That's what a large family and church family are for! 

28 and 34 weeks (roughly)
These guys are gonna be bffs...i love that so much

lots o' love

starting him off young

Beau had something very important to say

Bella was taking the pictures
We felt like she needed some variety

matchin' get-ups

I was probably most excited about the DDP's

the hostesses with the mosteses

MIL and SIL came in town and contributed to the showering

girls in the fam


what am i supposed to do with all of this?


one of these will be a Taylor
some are more happy about this than others

It's been a few weeks since the shower and I'm just now getting a handle on all of the loot!
Little dude will be here in a few weeks so I better get on with my gettin on

Happy Wednesday,

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